Flex Appeal Client Spotlight: Lauren Johnson

We’re thrilled to put the spotlight on Lauren Johnson, one of our amazing members at Flex Appeal. Lauren takes advantage of our semi-private training option three times per week as well as our nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Let’s hear directly from Lauren about her experience with us:

1. Can you share a bit about your fitness journey before joining Flex Appeal?

“I started working out with a personal trainer about 10 years ago and have had three different trainers since then. They were all great with a different approach but I think that finding Trista has been a game changer for me.”

2. What were your main goals when you started working with Flex Appeal?

“To continue going to the gym on a consistent basis and to lose some weight and gain some muscle.”

3. How did you first hear about Flex Appeal, and what made you decide to join?

“After Covid, the trainer that I had started training us at Flex Appeal and when he took a new job I asked Trista to take me on as a client because I liked the atmosphere at Flex Appeal and wanted to stay where I was happy.”

4. Can you describe your experience working with Trista for personal training and Chase for nutrition coaching?

“Trista has been great. She is just forceful enough to make me do the things that I don’t like to do, but that we both know are going to be good for me. She is super encouraging and has really changed my mindset about wanting to workout and come to the gym. Chase is full of knowledge and has made great suggestions about what my hang-ups are about food and cooking and given me great ideas about how to get past those things.”

5. What aspects of the nutrition coaching program have been most beneficial for you?

“I think the encouragement from Chase has been the most beneficial. When things don’t go according to our plan, she gives me other suggestions about how to make things work for me.”

6. How have your eating habits and relationship with food changed since starting nutrition coaching at Flex Appeal?

“I think that my eating habits have completely changed. I was not good about having food in the refrigerator which led to me make bad food decisions.”

7. Have you noticed any improvements in your energy levels, performance, or overall well-being since implementing the nutrition strategies you’ve learned?

“I have seen a complete change since I started implementing the nutrition strategies. I have added another day at the gym, trying to add cardio in with my weight training with Trista and overall just feel better in the day to day.”

8. Can you share any specific milestones or achievements you’ve reached since starting your fitness journey with Flex Appeal?

“With the help of Trista and my doctor, I have lost about 25 pounds and changed most of the numbers on my health screenings. I am probably healthier now then I have been in years.”

9. How has the support and guidance from Trista and Chase helped you stay motivated and accountable towards your goals?

“I think that the relationships that I have formed with Chase and Trista have completely changed everything for me. I feel like they are both looking out for my best intentions – in my health and my life – and appreciate them supporting me.”

10. What advice would you give to someone considering joining Flex Appeal for personal training and nutrition coaching?

“If you want to be a part of a group of women that all have common goals and want to you to be your best – come be a part of the Flex Appeal. The other members and the trainers are what make coming to the gym worth it!”

Lauren’s words speak volumes about the positive impact Flex Appeal has had on her fitness journey. Come join our supportive community and start your own transformation today!

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