Client Spotlight: Kim!

Our client spotlight this week is Kim! She has been a member for over a year now. We asked her a few questions about her journey, and here were her responses.

1) What was the reason you decided to start a strength training program at Flex Appeal?

“At the age of 59, I had lost a lot of weight due to the decline of my oral health. After having major oral surgery (8+ hours) in December 2019, I was at an all-time low of 105 lbs on my 5″ 6′ frame. I knew I needed to do something about my weight. My journey was going to be different than most. So, in March 2021, I started looking for a fitness facility to begin my wellness/weight gain journey. I knew I wasn’t looking for a big-name franchise gym. I was looking for small group coaching sessions. I scheduled my “No Sweat” appointment. After meeting with Trista and getting the tour of the facility, I felt it could be a good fit for me. I signed up for group workout sessions and began working out in April 2021….going to 3 sessions a week.”

2) How does where you were then in your health and fitness compare to where you are now?
“It truly is like night and day. My beginning weight when I started with Flex Appeal was 111.2 lbs. My first InBody Test measured my Percent Body Fat (PBF) at 26.4 and my Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM) at 44.1. My most recent InBody Test measured my weight at 125.1 lbs, PBF at 27.9, and SMM at 49.2. There have been definite ups and downs during this last year. Overall, I am thrilled with my progress. I don’t look sickly anymore. I am stronger. I can pick up and carry a 40-lb bag of cat litter. I couldn’t do that before. It’s really the little things that are the BIG things in life. Consistency has been key for me. I still work out 4-5 times weekly, between the group and private mobility sessions.”

3) What has made the biggest impact on your health and fitness journey?

“From my first session, I felt welcomed and part of the Flex Appeal family. I am continually blown away by the supportive and inclusive atmosphere. I also appreciate the knowledgeable and caring coaching staff and the diverse clientele. Flex Appeal met me where I was physically and mentally. Always encouraging, cheering me on at every small step/victory. Nutrition has paid a big part in my wellness journey. Knowing how much protein, veggies, carbs, and fat I should be getting at each meal. I still struggle with the amount of food I should be consuming on a daily basis. It’s a work in progress.
I have found my gym home and family.”

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