Improving Your Environment

We are all little balls of stress. You may not even feel stressed but take a second to do a body scan. Are your traps pulling your shoulders up to your ears? Is your breathing shallow and fast? Do you always have mystery diarrhea (it can’t be just me!)?

Your body is storing that stress somewhere. You need a space to relax. Considering your current space, what are you completely in control of? Notice the organization, tidiness, how it affects your mood and productivity or relaxation. Can you find a space to make your own little “Zen zone?”

I have been feeling stressed at home because I still do quite a bit of work here, but had no space of my own. There wasn’t a space I could have privacy for Zoom calls. I needed a “do-not-disturb” area. Finally, this week, I have started working on my own little Zen zone.

We understand that you might not have the space at home for an entire room to yourself if you live with your family. But, think about spaces that you can have to yourself. Like your bath tub or shower, back porch, a spot at your favorite park, sitting in your car in the driveway. It can be anywhere! Find a place that you can relax, get creative, be productive, or be yourself! We can’t deal with stress unless we start acknowledging it and processing it. Your environment could play a large part.

What would your “Zen zone” look like?

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