Best Places for Healthy Meals in Wichita Falls

When it comes to nutrition, Flex Appeal knows that going out to eat is a big deal for our community. Eating together is a form of community, celebration, bonding, and showing love. We respect this lifestyle and culture with our clients. We want to help them stay on plan with health and fitness goals and ensure they align with their life values and priorities. Luckily, there are a lot of great options in Wichita Falls for healthy meals.

First up: 8th Street Coffee House With a great price range and serving size – it’s hard to go wrong with anything on the menu at 8th Street. Grab a simple soup and salad, or sandwich and chips. You can choose something with protein, vegetables, carbs, and feel good about it. You can also take a walk and explore the local shops afterwards. Digest your food while you shop.

Another local favorite, The Gypsy Kit. Their menu has no shortage of variety and flavor. There are a lot of great options for lighter and healthier meals, too. And vegetarian options! The options at Gypsy Kit are great for anyone watching their health or after a delicious meal. Perfect for a lunch or dinner date. Also located downtown, The Gypsy Kit has been around for a long time and has tons to offer!

And last but not least, Bricktown Taphouse Brewery. From veggie loaded fire oven pizzas to veggie loaded salads – they have tons of hearty meals and shareable options. With such a large menu, it is easy to please everyone. I have ordered a bit off the menu with special requests and have had no problem finding things to suit my needs.

Going out for meals can sabotage your health and fitness goals if you don’t have a plan. Look for somewhere that you’re comfortable with the menu or look at the menu before you go – know what you plan to order. Whether it’s indulging or not – make that meal fit into the rest of your day by eating according to your plan.
Don’t let the influence of your dates sway your decisions- that chips and queso adds up. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have any – stay aware of your eating. It’s easy to get lost in conversation and munch through three baskets of chips! Opt for a house salad instead of chips and salsa. Getting your servings of veggies in will help you fill up on the good stuff first. Next look for protein. From there – listen to your fullness and satisfaction cues. Remember, these are restaurants that you can visit anytime. You don’t have to eat everything on your plate right now. Take your leftovers home or enjoy what will satisfy you – not stuff you.

Realistically, you can make ANY restaurant work for your goals.

Keep these things in mind:

#1 Pick your protein – you want at least a palm sized serving of protein with your meal. The leaner the option, the better. Try to stay away from fatty selections or fried if you can avoid it.

#2 Be Vegetable-Centered – the more you can fill up on vegetables, the less likely you will overeat the calorie dense foods. Vegetables are nutrient dense and a great source of fiber. A plate full of veggies and good serving of protein will be much more nutrient dense and leave you feeling more satisfied and GOOD after the meal.

#3 Stop when satisfied – even if you aren’t trying to stay on plan with your meal, making it a point to stop before you’re stuffed will help. Overeating is the cause for weight gain. Not sugar, not carbs, not fats. Overeating anything in general and creating a calorie surplus (eating more than your body needs) over and over again results in weight gain. If that isn’t your goal, just be mindful of this when you eat. Try to slow down, take breaths and pauses between bites, and really enjoy the flavors and textures of your meal.

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